Cincinnatus Red by Vinoklet Winery

Cincinnatus Red by Vinoklet Winery


This week on Episode 38 of The Charlie Tonic Hour you can hear all about my trip to Vinoklet Winery for their annual Art and Wine Festival (and if you can’t wait for that you can read about it on Queen City Drinks.) Despite my trepidations about Ohio wines, I had a very enjoyable afternoon with Angie and Mother Tonic. While there I paid $5 to try their six standard wines and the of the six I’d say three were drinkable. Because of the high heat, grapes grown in the area tend to be sweeter and so I was not surprised that four of the six wines were very sweet, but I did enjoy their drier wines.

The wine I ended up liking the most was their dry red table wine, Cincinnatus. Made from the chanbourcin grape, Cincinnatus is on the fruiter side of a dry wine. The flavor is almost reminiscent of a concord grape. It has a full, sweet and fruity body with a dry finish. It is just  a hair sweeter than I would normally like but it is a very drinkable wine. It has a surprisingly musty nose for such a fruity wine. Angie, Mother Tonic and I bought a bottle while at the wine festival and it was a very pleasant drink while we sat on a hill, talking and listening to music. For some reason they served it chilled at the festival but I think it was much better at room temperature.

Over all I don’t think this will make it to the top of my to-buy list. Kroger’s carries it for about $12.99 a bottle which is a bit rich for me. But the trip out to the winery was well worth it for the beautiful setting. If I return anytime soon it will be for their Wednesday night “Cigars and Guitars” event. where  for $7 you can get a spaghetti and meatball buffet, buy and smoke premium cigars and enjoy some acoustic guitar music while to sample the wine.

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