Weekend Recommendations

Weekend Recommendations

Wait a moment, where’s Ginny Tonic? Isn’t she the one who knows best when it comes to a fun weekend? Well, that is true, but this week you are going to have to settle for old Charlie. Ginny is all tied up with a mix of things like solving world peace, ending war and famine in our time and even feeding the homeless. It’s a tough job, but she’s just the woman for the challenge!

All kidding aside, I’m going to run through a few things that are on my radar. Some are open to the public and some you’re just going to have to wait until next week’s episode to hear about.

You’ve heard the name Calamity Dawn on the show before as she’s turned up on more than one Bottom’s Up drink segment. This weekend is Calamity Dawn’s Natal Day Celebration! We’re planning to attend and I’m sure there will be amazing stories (and possibly a little audio) to share. Though not open to the public, it’s sure to be fun and covered on next week’s show!

If you are in Lexington, Kentucky tonight, DO NOT miss Ford Theatre Reunion playing one of the coolest spots in Lexington. I can say from personal experience that Natasha’s Bistro & Bar is amazing. The show starts at 7:00 PM. Head there soon and grab food. You will not be disappointed on either count.

While in Lexington, if you have a taste for the arts and artistic creations, do not miss American Founders Bank Woodland Art Fair. This art fair is a big deal and a host of events take place in and around it each year. For a bit of personal history, I used to live two blocks from the park where the fair takes place.

Remember our very own Midsummer Masquerade? Want a great excuse to go celebrate with the knights at Loveland Castle? Saturday is Castle Day! The facility is open to the public with loads of fun starting at 11:00 AM

Enjoy a little roller derby action? We have a double header for you this weekend as the Black-N-Bluegrass takes on the Burning River RollerGirls! Doors open at 6:00 pm, first bout starts at 7:00pm! Get all the details here.

I’m betting Ginny will be back next week with a much better line-up of fun, but for now I’ll end with a quick CHEERS!


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