What’s In A Name?

What’s In A Name?

I was tooling around Proust (a site which we’ve discussed previously a couple of times now) once again this evening and stumbled across a question it just made sense for me to answer. What is in a name?

Do you have any nicknames? How did you get them?

I’ve only had one nickname my entire life and it was a term of affection used only by my dad. He used to call me “Ah Cha” when I was little but he began to use it less as I hit my pre-teen years. No one else has ever used it and the thought of that and the celebratory way in which he said it still makes me smile. As memory of his voice has faded a bit since his passing, I can still clearly hear him say those words easily and that makes the nickname all the more special.

That said, in my life a bit of humor has evolved around what people choose to call me. Some people know me as Charles, some as Chuck, some as Charlie and a few (who don’t know how much I honestly dislike it) call me Chuckie. A half-year or so back I changed my Facebook name from Chuck to Charles and that almost broke my little corner of the internet in half which I completely didn’t expect. The comic crowd especially liked to joke about it when talking about my association with ComicRelated.com on podcasts. I became known as “Chuck/Charles/Charlie” (used almost as a single word) anytime someone talked about me.

The name Chuck usually stems from people knowing me growing up, in college or in the comic book world. Charles has been the name I used at my day job for 18 year and also became a name of choice in the world of Steampunk. For many years, just a few people called me Charlie (which I didn’t mind at all) and even fewer call me Chuckie (which I don’t like at all). Chuckie was usually used by my aunts (of which I have had many). I changed my name on Facebook because my full name is Charles E. Moore III and I wanted to transition to Charles to honor my father’s name a bit more.

Charlie became much more a part of my life when Ginny Tonic and I launched this podcast. You see, the “Chuck Tonic Hour” or the “Charles Tonic Hour” just didn’t work and we’re not even going to discuss the “Chuckie Tonic Hour”. The Charlie Tonic Hour just flowed the right way. Now, increasingly as the show’s following has grown, this third version of my name has been on the rise.

Confused yet? I am and it’s my name!

People often ask which I prefer and I tend to answer I’m happy with Chuck, Charles or Charlie. I joke I’ll answer to anything people use so long as it’s pointed in my direction. The truth is I honestly don’t have an answer. I lean toward Charles, but I love Charlie more with each episode we do and Chuck has such a wonderful history it’s hard to set aside. Basically I love all three in different ways. Happens a lot for me.

If you know me, choose any name for me and it will work. People matter more than names for me anyway. Cheers!

2 Responsesto “What’s In A Name?”

  1. Gintia says:

    I sometimes use Charles, but I really prefer Charlie. It’s a happier name – you have to smile when you say it, like I have to smile when I see you!

  2. Ginny says:

    It’s funny how even I can’t always figure out what to call you.