Episode #34 – Traveling, Podcasts and a Mountain Lodge

Episode #34 – Traveling, Podcasts and a Mountain Lodge

This week we have a road show for you. We’re not necessarily returning from a show, but we were traveling for five days and the drive back turned into the only chance we had to record so we made a theme of it. Learn what happened on the road, who we ran into and more in the Discourse Intercourse segment. After that we tell some of our favorite travel stories as Charlie shares more of his past. Next up we share six podcasts we love to listen to while we’re driving and serve up a musical recommendation in the close that was even a surprise to us. A fun show involving tollbooths, police speculation and much more. Do not miss it!

Run Time: 1 Hour, 8 Minutes, 27 Seconds

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 Segment 1 – Discourse Intercourse
(Starts at 15 seconds into the show)
Previous Episode Referenced – #27 Kilts and the Fluffer
 Segment 2 – Travel Stories
(Starts at 16 minutes, 16 seconds into the show)
 Segment 3 – Favoriate Podcasts
(Starts at 33 minutes, 50 seconds into the show)
Ginny’s Picks
Charlie’s Picks

 Segment 4 – Bottoms Up
Our Hiking Bourbon Is Unveiled!
(Starts at 52 minutes, 35 seconds into the show)
The article to accompany the segment:
Old Fitzgerald Bourbon

 Segment 5 – Closing Out The Show
(Starts at 59 minutes into the show)
This week’s documentary recommendation!
This week’s UTTERLY RANDOM musical recommendation!
Counting Crows – Mr. Jones
The Music You Hear Throughout the Episode

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