Old Fitzgerald Bourbon

Old Fitzgerald Bourbon

Although I may have been a bit spoiled lately, with being able to get ahold of some bottles of Angel’s Envy and Four Roses Small Batch and all, but that doesn’t mean I can afford to drink like that everyday. For a weekend trip to Tennessee lately that Charlie and I took recently we decided to try a classic budget priced bourbon Old Fitzgerald.

Old Fitzgerald is made by Heaven Hill distillery in Louisville. The brand itself has been around since 1870 when it was typically sold in the saloons on railroads and paddle boats. Today Old Fitzgerald puts out several high quality and award-winning bottles, including the Old Fitzgerald 12 year that Charlie I tried at the Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar. This, however, isn’t an award-winning bourbon.

Luckily, as the clerk at Cork and Bottle pointed out, if you like bourbon it’s all good. Old Fitzgerald is not a sipping bourbon. There too much heat and not enough flavor for that to be an enjoyable experience. If you are not big fan of bourbon stick with rum or vodka and mix it with coke for an affordable night of drinking. But if you are like me and prefer even a poor bourbon to a good vodka, then Old Fitzgerald is not a bad choice. You can pour it over ice, get a little water in it, and turn it into a decent drink. The cold and the water washes away a lot of the heat but leaves just enough of the flavor to make it worth your while.

For another good article about budget bourbon check out The Imbibe Hour, who also took the picture used here.

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