Queen City Drinks

Queen City Drinks



This week I expanded writing audience and love of drinks by becoming a writer for the Cincinnati-based drinks blog, Queen City Drinks. So what is Queen City Drinks all about? Well let’s ask them:

“Queen City Drinks is a community-based blog where whoever wants to has a place to rabble-rouse on anything concerning beer, spirits, wine, etc. It primarily focuses on the greater Cincinnati-area, but is not limited entirely to it. You’ll see a lot of drink reviews, looks at bars and drink-focused restaurants, pointers on approaching things like beer/spirit tastings and dinners, and good deal of opinion. Sometimes you’ll like these opinions and sometimes you won’t. Such is life.”

I am very excited to get to write a little bit more about alcohol, especially spirits and reviews of local bars. I’ve had an interest in doing more of these kinds of stories on Charlie Tonic but there are so many other great stories out there that I have to keep the drinks segments to one per week. For those of you who have expressed a wish for more beer reviews Queen City Drinks has got you covered. The two most active writers right now, Josh O and Tom Aguero are both beer geeks and do a great job of finding new beers to review, explaining their ideas, and also dishing a little on the Cincinnati beer scene.

Photo by Stanley Forthright

My first post went live on Monday and I plan to post once a week, alternating between sharing some of my favorite Charlie Tonic drink stories and writing original content. This week I shared a review of my favorite mid-range bourbon of the moment, Four Roses Small Batch. Head over there and check it out and while you are there read some of the other very interesting reviews and thoughts on drinking in Cincinnati. Tell them Ginny sent you.

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  1. Josh O. says:

    Thanks for the shout-out and, even more, thank you for joining us! We’re ecstatic to have a new voice over there!