Joining Comic Related

Joining Comic Related

As many of you may know, Charlie created a site called Comic Related (found on the web at and became the voice that launched the Comic Related Podcasting Network back in March of 2008. From 2008 to the end of 2011, he produced 300 episodes of his signature Related Recap podcast. In December of 2011, he left his long running podcast to start a new show you know well. Yes, with his wonderful cohost, Ginny Tonic, they launched this very podcast. Charlie left the Recap because he wanted a place to discuss topics well beyond the world of comics and found it here each week.

Recently, over on Comic Related, it was announced that Charlie plans to return as a co-host to the show he started (after only missing 15 episodes). As the site update explains, “Much like the comics he loves, sometimes the story of life gets a reboot and characters you enjoy return from the abyss of obscurity to rejoin the story.” During episode #316, Charlie was a guest on the Recap discussing Pandora Promotions recent acquisition of Derby City Comic Con. During that show he found himself reminded just how much he missed hanging out with his friends for all to hear and an invitation to return from fellow co-hosts John Wilson and Brant Fowler sealed the deal.

Today, the story turns a new page and things come full circle. We are pleased to share that starting tomorrow, Comic Related will begin rebroadcasting each week’s episode of the Charlie Tonic Hour. On Friday evenings they will air that week’s episode increasing our audience and reach cross-promoting throughout their network. Don’t worry, you’ll still catch the episode here first each Wednesday, but we’re exceedingly pleased to be syndicated in a new direction.

Currently airing fourteen different shows and growing every day, Comic Related isn’t just a place for news, it’s a place for conversation about all aspects of geek and genre culture. Were pleased to add to that discussion with our show. Check out the full update on the story chronicling our arrival on Comic Related here.

Let The Fun Continue!

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