The 48 Hour Film Project Awards Show

The 48 Hour Film Project Awards Show

It was red carpet night for Charlie and I last night. The Cincinnati 48 Hour Film Project held their awards show last night at the 20th Century Fox Theater in Oakley. This was the 10th year of Cincinnati’s participation in this international filmmaking competition and from what I saw, the quality of the films have continued to increase every year.

If you are unfamiliar with the competition, it is a deceptively simple concept. Each team is given 48 hours to make a complete short film from start to finish. To ensure that teams are playing fairly, at the start of the 48 hours each team is given a line of dialogue, character, and prop that must appear in the film. This year’s character was a magician named Tom Rocco so several of the films featured a strong magic theme.

Each of the eight films presented had won at least one award so we got to see the best of the best in one night. Our good friends The Mayham Family, produced and acted in Faustian Covenant, their first entry into the festival and won Best Costumes. They were the only first year team to win an award and it was very fun to be there and cheer them on. Not to mention seeing people you know up on the big screen. Spencer, Rev. Jody, and Julie all played very memorable roles and did a great job. Some of the films were creepy, some were funny, and they all had a unique take on the subject. On Episode 30 we will bring you an interview with Kat Steele, the executive director of the Cincinnati Film Festival, and with Jeff Winkelman, the director of this year’s winning film Magic Trip. Until then here are some pictures of the event and a few of this year’s entries for your viewing pleasure.

Philip Jones and Mary Anne McClusky accepting their award on behalf of Mayham Family Productions


Jeff Winkelman speaking about his winning film, Magic Trip.


Mary Ann McClusky, Larry Combs, and Philip Jones with their award.


W.H.O. Productions, winner of best film for 2012 in Cincinnati.


You can find many of the short films that were entered in this year’s competition on youtube, although at this time I can’t find either of the films we mentioned. Nevertheless, here are a few of our personal favorites from this year’s awards.

Unforeseen – Winner Best Graphics

The Trick – Winner Best Writing

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