Episode #29 – Clothing Optional, Apps and Chocolate Sweetness

Episode #29 – Clothing Optional, Apps and Chocolate Sweetness

We’re back in the Charlie Tonic studios this week as we share a bit of advice on what you could wear (or not wear) to a masquerade. We go from thrifting to riffing to avoiding the heat in three easy steps. From there, we return with our second segment of app recommendations. It’s news, tools and games as Ginny and Charlie both share three apps they love. How does this turn into a chat centered on sex? You’ll have to listen and learn. In the end we close with some chocolate wine, a spot of obscure music and a little innuendo.

Run Time: 1 Hour, 34 Seconds

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 Segment 1 – Discourse Intercourse
(Starts at 18 seconds into the show)
Eric Adam’s Housewarming
Eric Adams | Lackluster World
July Meeting of the Steampunk Salon
League of Cincinnati Steampunks | Symposium | Arnold’s Bar & Grill

 Segment 2 – Dressing for a Masquerade
(Starts at 10 minutes, 22 seconds into the show)

 Segment 3 – App Recommendations
(Starts at 24 minutes, 23 seconds into the show)
Ginny Tonic’s Three
Charlie’s Three
Just How Much Detail Can You Get Into Draw Something?

 Segment 4 – Bottoms Up
(Starts at 42 minutes, 39 seconds into the show)
The article to accompany the segment:

 Segment 5 – Closing Out The Show
(Starts at 49 minutes, 49 seconds into the show)
This week’s musical recommendation
Polock – Fireworks

The Music You Hear Throughout the Episode

2 Responsesto “Episode #29 – Clothing Optional, Apps and Chocolate Sweetness”

  1. Travis says:

    Theater House is Covington. I think you put these things in on purpose to check if I’m still listening at this point. :)