Mongolian Vodka

Mongolian Vodka


There is actually very little point in reviewing Mongolian Vodka for you because the chances of you ever tasting it without flying over to Mongolia or China and buying it yourself are rather slim but consider this your chance to drink vicariously. For Episode 28’s Bottoms Up segment we tried two different brands of Mongolia vodka that our good friend Kristen had recently brought back from her trip to Mongolia. Actually I had started the same Zoology degree that took Kristen to Mongolia to study Pallas Cats and I had known that the field work came with so much drinking I think I would have stuck with the program a little longer.

The premium vodka was called Mongol Vodka and according to the internet it is made in Mongolia by an unknown Mongolian vodka producer and distributed by the Alko Group. We took a picture of the drink warnings that appeared on the back of the bottle because they seemed kind of funny to us at the time. Apparently you should be careful not to drive into a martini glass and also drinking while pregnant makes you sexy. The taste of the vodka was not too bad actually. Fairly smooth and forgettable which is actually kind of what you want in a vodka. Not bad for something that retails for $12 Mongolian.

Of course in Mongolia, Mongol is the equivalent of Grey Goose or some fancy label vodka. Chinggis Gold is more of the equivalent to Smirnoff and sells for only $4 a bottle. I was a little scared to try it but it actually was not that bad. The initial taste was ok but there was a very strong burning in the aftertaste. I think I compared it to gasoline in the podcast but that’s probably a little harsh. This one looks like a drink you may actually be able to order at some point because it appears that they are marketing it in the UK now. Undoubtably for much more than $4 a bottle.

I will say that last Thursday was one of the shortest parties I’ve ever attended. Perhaps starting the evening with straight shots of Mongolian Vodka had something to do with the fact that most of us crashed and burned by 11:30 pm.


2 Responsesto “Mongolian Vodka”

  1. Charlie says:

    Love the videos here!

  2. Emma Peelout says:

    That party was fantastic for the short amount of time I got to be there for. The Mongolian vodka was forced upon me ( <3 ), but I had absolutely no complaints. Very, VERY easy to throw back. I don't often drink vodka, but when I do…..

    A very good time,a tremendous group of friends and a VERY good vodka :)



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