Prom Night for Ginny

Prom Night for Ginny

There is a fun little website called Proust that helps you build your own autobiography by asking interesting questions and letting you answer, add pictures and share with friends. I thought it would be a fun thing to take some of those questions and answer them with you here from time to time.

Where was your prom and who was your date?

I went to three proms while I was in high school but my senior prom was by far the best. It was at Music Hall in Cincinnati and the theme was “Wonderful Tonight.” As you can see by the picture I took a young English man who I was dating, now known as Aloysius Fox. Luckily this was before guests has to be approved by the principal if they didn’t go to the school because I am pretty sure that a 23-year-old part-time DJ and non-citizen would not have made the cut.

It actually was a magical night. I spent a ridiculous amount of money on my dress. Every other formal dress I’ve ever formal dress I had in high school has been under $50 but when I found the lilac slip dress with splits up the side and flowing fairy-like material I knew I had to have it despite the $500 price tag. It’s still the most money I’ve ever paid for an item of clothing but I don’t regret a thing. I felt amazingly beautiful that night. Having an older boyfriend in tow made me feel like I was above all this high school nonsense and was just going along for the kitsch value but the truth is that I was very excited. Everything from the corsage to the sparkly pinwheel I carried felt like the culmination of every prom night dream I’d had since I was four. Aloysius was a perfect date. He took lots of pictures of me, made reservations at a nice restaurant, and ordered a bottle of non-alcoholic wine with a straight face because I was too young to drink but still wanted the elegance of sipping out of  a wine glass. He patiently made conversation with my dorky high school friends as well as held his own with my English teacher. And he managed to behave like a gentleman despite the fact that I was not wearing any underwear.

I realize how lucky I am that I had such a great time at my prom. Most things in life that are expected to be a magical-beautiful-most-specialist-night-in-your-whole-life kind of thing tend to be let downs. I actually got a night where it all worked out like it’s supposed to (as opposed to my junior prom where I broke up with my boyfriend immediately after.) The dress that I wore that night is still hanging in my closet. Maybe one of these days I will pull it out and wear it to a masquerade so I can see if it still has the ability to make me feel like a fairy princess.

3 Responsesto “Prom Night for Ginny”

  1. Travis says:

    How long you got? I may have to e-mail this one to you and let you edit for length and content.

  2. Calamity Dawn says:

    I shall file your Prom story into my memory banks and choose to remember that instead of mine own. I went to prom all 4 years I was in HS. None of them were particularly magical, and two of them were unmitigated disasters… same for Homecoming (although one Homecoming was almost magical but the morning after ruined it.) The JRTOC balls were all right, but nothing special… *sigh*

  3. Julie says:

    I loved that dress! It is awesome!


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