Around the World in a Glass

Around the World in a Glass

On today’s date in 1945, the United Nation’s Charter was signed by the 50 founding nations in a meeting in San Francisco. I learned this little fact while reading a book that I have enjoyed for inspiration and exploration of cocktails, The Daily Cocktail by Dalyn Miller and Larry Donovan. The book has 365 drinks recipe, each one (at least loosely) tied to an event in history that happened on that day. If you are familiar with The Dinner Party Download (a podcast from which Charlie and I take liberal inspiration) you will know that they do a similar thing only they have a bartender create a new cocktail to commemorate a little known piece of history. In both the book and the podcast it is a concept that works surprisingly well. So in honor of the founding of the United Nations, here is the drink that Miller and Donovan recommend to raise to celebrate:

Around the World

3/4 oz dark rum
1/4 oz cognac
1 1/4 oz orange juice
1 oz sweet and sour mix
1/4 oz creme de noyaux
8 oz crushed ice

Pour the rum, cognac, orange juice, sour mix and creme de noyaux into a blender with the crushed ice. Blend until smooth and pour into a white wine glass and serve.

Creme de noyaux is one of those weird drinks that no one has ever heard of so I had to look up before publishing this recipe. It’s a pink colored almond flavored liqueur that is used for other classic tiki drinks like the Pink Squirrel. So if  you don’t have a bottle in your liquor cabinet you can probably use amaretto instead but for myself I think I am going to buy a bottle and try a Pink Squirrel. In the mean time if you want to check out book yourself it’s only $7.98 on Amazon right now.

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  1. Calamity Dawn says:

    Very cool! Thanks for increasing my booze knowledge!