The Pandoras go on Vacation!

The Pandoras go on Vacation!

The three partners of Pandora Promotions have traveled together a few times now but it’s always been to conventions or some other work related event. Today is the last day of our Florida vacation; the first time we have set off for no other reason than to relax and have some fun. I think at this point I can safely say, mission accomplished!

With any trip getting there should be part of the fun. Our road trip music  and a few podcasts  kept us entertained as the miles flew by. The lure of a few road side attractions did slow us down. We encountered ancient communications devices

13 foot alligators (that turned out to be made of plastic)

and pickled sharks (but no coffee)

Once we arrived in Florida we wasted no time hitting before hitting the swimming pool. Charlie quickly got into relaxation mode.

In fact I had to check a few time to make sure he was still breathing. I guess his worry that he would not be able to relax was all for naught. Clearly he needed the break more than he realized.

Aloysius was not so easy to convince to relax. Although we are on vacation the world of events never sleeps and Pandoracon is rapidly approaching. Aloysius did spend a good deal of his time like this

He did at least keep the vacation hat on. And don’t worry folks, for all his talk of giving up the frock coats and buying pick-up truck so he can pursue a career as a paddle-boat repairman that’s just the Florida sun talking. As soon as we get him back to Ohio he will once again be the smooth-talking MC that you all know and love.

And as for me, well I did get into the spirit of the trip. As I will explain in Episode 26, the choice of bathing suit for this trip did give me a lot of trouble. In the end I went with a bikini and I have to say that I ended up being a lot more comfortable than I expected.

In fact, I would say I got a little too comfortable.

But it wasn’t all lying around the pool at the house. We also got out to the beach,

Took in the local attractions

And explored the vintage liquor cabinet of a new listener.

We didn’t know she was a listener until she requested I make her a Snow White. It just goes to show, you never know who is out there.

A highlight of the week was when Aloysius, Charlie and I went out for seafood at a local restaurant called Lobster Lady. We joked that it sounded like an old carnival attraction but apparently that was exactly the idea.

It really was a nice little place, intimate and friendly. Friendly to humans at least. Choosing your dinner while it’s still alive is oddly disturbing, even though it’s actually far more human than the treatment the usual anonymous piece of meat gets. Choosing your dinner from a crane game just seems downright surreal.

But in the end, moral conundrums and newly discovered eating ethics aside, we decided that this was a once in a lifetime experience. Aloysius and I had never had a lobster and Charlie assured us it was something we had to try. However, being lobster virgins, Aloysius and I decided to let this guy live another day.

We settled on sharing a more modestly sized lobster. It was all going really well until we go to the thorax. When you have to say the words “I’ll just pretend the green stuff is guacamole” you start to doubt the wisdom of paying $13 a pound for an experience.

However, the fun of playing with the pincers was more than worth it.

In the end the week was one of the most fun trips of my life and one I will look back on with pleasure when I am old and grey. We are leaving Florida tomorrow morning happier, tanner, and more connected than we were at the start of the journey. All that and Charlie got a nice hat out of it too.


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