Pandora Society Update

Pandora Society Update

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The Pandora Family is on vacation this week so we won’t be joining you in any hijinks for the next two weekends but we did want to leave you with some recommendations for fun things that we are missing.

My highest recommendation for this weekend is the Rock & Burlesque show at Mainstay’s Rock Bar on Saturday June 9th. Doctor Bombay is rocking the house and they are being joined by the lovely ladies of Rebel Riot Revue. I can’t tell you how much it hurts by heart to be missing this show. Doctor Bombay is always great but I think the style of Rebel Riot will compliment them perfectly. The cover is only $5 and that is a bargain by any measure.

DAAP Art Show

Randall Flagg is going to be attending the DAAP art show this weekend. Master’s degree students of University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning will be showing off the culmination of their years of hard work by displaying their master’s thesis at this weekend art show. The show is free and open to the public. The show runs June 8–12 at University Galleries located at 628 Sycamore Street in downtown Cincinnati. I am a great fan of art shows and it is especially gratifying to support up and coming young artists while you take in their work.

Next Saturday is a home match for my favorite roller derby team, Black-n- Bluegrass. These ladies are amazing athletes and a hell of a lot of fun so do yourself a favor and get to the show. It’s the second double-header of the season at the Bank of Kentucky Center. The Blackouts will be taking on the ladies of Eerie Roller Girls, and the Shiners will be playing The Chicago Outfit. Doors open at 6:00 pm with dollar beer from 6pm to 7pm! Pre order tickets for $12, or get your tickets at the door for $15. Parking is $5. For information on purchasing tickets, please visit

If watching sexy ladies race roller skate and knock each other around isn’t your cup of tea then may I recommend that you join the League of Cincinnati Steampunks for a literal cup of tea at their annual Steampunk Picnic at Loveland Castle? The League will provide tables and awning tents; guests bring food and drink to share (and their own chair.) Entry to the castle grounds is about $5. This is always a popular event and it’s another one that makes me truly sad to miss. Thanks to Anna and Caelyn Nagel for taking charge of this one while we are out-of-state.

Any other fun plans for the weekend? Let us know about them here!


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