Vacation Time

Vacation Time


Vacation, it’s a fairly unexpected and unprecedented concept for me but I think in the next few days it’s a word I’m going to have to get accustomed to saying. Today, we spent some time recording extra audio to build next week’s show in advance. Tomorrow we’ll be packing and getting ready for an extended break down in Florida. We’ve rented a house complete with great location, pool, hot tub… the works. We’ve also lined up a house sitter for our place (stuff must be watched and cats must be fed) and even gone so far as to pick up new swimwear. Basically, the plans are few, the breather is needed and the location has been chosen.

Why am I writing about this? Well, aside from the fact that it may explain why we’re a bit slow answering email next week, I find this kind of break to be somewhat of a challenge. I’m the kind of individual who tends to work a lot. I enjoy accomplishing things and making big plans for a future I’m willing to work toward. Occasionally, I have found stopping and breaking the routine to be more troublesome than forging ahead and marking things off the checklist. A break with very few plans and extended rest is an interesting concept to play with as time is the one thing you can’t win back. Everything else is negotiable.

Why is relaxation such a challenge for me? I value producing things in life, having a sense of worth that is at times directly measured in your value to others and I think I judge myself by that standard. My parents were very hard working people and I feel I inherited some of that temperament for life from them. Don’t get me wrong. In many ways, I do not see it as a bad thing. It allows me to be highly effective, but it also makes life a mixed bag when I try and step away and unwind. Who will keep those 20 plates spinning while I’m away?

Seriously though, I do have plans to relax. Over the next few days, I have a few board games I’ve been interested in trying. I also plan to read a lot of comics and finish 2-3 books via the iPad. Who travels with traditional bound print items anymore, right? Okay, I know that question steps on a few “I love print” and “print will never dies” toes but when you’re traveling, iPad really is king.

I’m sure as we return from this trip there will be stories to tell and new inside jokes will be born, but the tale I’m most interested in researching is whether or not I can successfully put the pencil down, pick up a board game and let life slide for a while. I’m not quite sure of the answer, but I plan to explore all possibilities and report back.

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