The Snow White

The Snow White

the snow white

The drink from Episode 24’s Bottom’s Up segment is a first for the Charlie Tonic Hour. It’s a Ginny Tonic original recipe, although Calamity Dawn is still responsible for it really because she was the one who gave us the bottle of Marshmallow Vodka. It’s a drink inspired by an ice cream soda. I hope you enjoy.

The Snow White

1 ounce Marshmallow Vodka

1 ounce Buttershots

2 ounces of milk or half and half

Mix these ingredients over ice in a highball glass and top off with club soda.

6 Responsesto “The Snow White”

  1. Calamity Dawn says:

    I’m not even there and I get blamed…er credited! :-) Sounds nummy!!!!

  2. Emma Peelout says:

    I’m getting the ingredients together right now because cream soda is my crack/cocaine. Adding maraschino punched me over the fence

  3. Dr. Gintia says:

    Ooh, I like the Rose Red addition! That Calamity…

    I heard that Club Soda glows in the dark. Will someone check that out for me?

  4. Ginny says:

    I’ve never heard that club soda glows in the dark. That sounds dubious. On the other hand, adding a cherry does not sound dubious. Good idea Calamity.

  5. Emma Peelout says:

    It’s good! Very good….
    Cherry added…not to much difference in taste, so I added some syrup. Damned good as well :)