Pandora Society Update

Pandora Society Update

News from the Pandora Society!

It’s been another busy week here at Pandora Promotions. You’ve already heard about the good times we had representing The Steampunk Symposium at The World Steam Expo in Dearborn Michigan. The pictures and the podcast are inspiring nostalgia for those who were there and envy for those who weren’t. It was especially gratifying to see Aloysius Fox cut loose and have some fun at a steampunk event. Usually he is so busy being master of ceremonies and ensuring that everything runs smoothly that he misses out on all the shenanigans but that was not the case last weekend as you can see:

Photo by Guy Dillion

With the fun of the Symposium and the Expo behind us, Pandora Promotions looks forward to the fun of Pandoracon! The big news of the week was that Travis Richey who plays the spoof of Doctor Who, Inspector Spacetime, on the TV show Community has been confirmed as a featured guest. In addition to his work on Community, Inspector Spacetime has developed a cult following on the internet, including a wiki page, Mad Man with a Booth, and an independent web series based on the character. Travis Richey is already proving to be a very entertaining and amicable guest so we are all really excited by the level of fun he will bring to the show.

This weekend there is once again too many fun things and not enough time to do them in. The League of Cincinnati Steampunks will be holding their monthly salon starting at 8pm at Arnold’s. Charlie and Ginny Tonic will be attending the HUGE concert Saturday night at Mainstay. It is one of Charlie’s favorite local bands, Banderas, last show together as well as a record release for Mad Anthony. Not to mention performances by The Sundresses, The Lions Rampant and The Harlequins. It should be an amazing night of great local music. While those of us in Cincinnati are rockin out, members of Airship Passepartout are becoming warriors. Troy Copes is leading 7 other members of Airship Passepartout (and 8 others besides) in an assault this coming Sunday on the Warrior Dash course – a 5K with obstacles. And when they say obstacles they don’t mean like a bale of hay your jump across. They mean wooden walls, barbed wire, and fire. But you get beer at the end so it’s all good. I know I can attest to the team’s dedication to the race. While we were wondering around wondering what panel to do next at the Expo we passed Sir Ernest who was on his way to work out. Good luck to all of you and I can’t wait to see the pictures. Hope you get a few like this one:

Got anything fun you want to brag about? Let’s hear it in the comments section.

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