Meet Travis Richey: Inspector Spacetime and Hot Guy!

Meet Travis Richey: Inspector Spacetime and Hot Guy!

All of us here at Pandora Promotions were very excited when we got the confirmation that Travis Richey would be joining us as a guest for Pandoracon in September. Travis Richey, aka Inspector Spacetime from the NBC show Community, first appeared on September 22, 2011 in the Community episode “Biology 101″ as a show within a show parody of Doctor Who.  Since coming into existence, Inspector Spacetime has developed a huge cult following, including a wiki site, Mad Man with a Booth,  and this April Richey led a successful Kickstarter campaign to raise the money to produce an independent web series based on the character called Untitled Web Series About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time . . . known as UWSAASTWCATTT for short (NBC owns the name Inspector Spacetime and aren’t willing share at the moment.)


I first heard of Inspector Spacetime from some of my cooler geeky friends and I have enough of a love/hate relationship with Doctor Who to adore the concept. But when I went to learn more about Travis Richey it was his web series Robot, Ninja & Gay Guy that really got me excited about meeting him this September. The show answers the question “What happens when a gay guy needs new roommates and the only ones who respond to the Craigslist ad are a robot and a ninja?” The writing is witty, funny, and the show gets better the more episodes you watch. But don’t take my word for it. Listen to these talking babies discuss the show:



But I think my favorite little show of his has got to be 2 Hot Guys in the Shower. Travis Richey has great timing and his interactions with himself in the videos are hilarious. Not to mention if you were to ask me how I like my actors, hot and in the shower are two words that come immediately to mind.



So I hope that I have you convinced that you need to come hang out with this guy in September. You will be very sorry if you miss this.

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