Episode #22 – World Steam Expo Flashback

Episode #22 – World Steam Expo Flashback

For this BONUS episode, we share over two hours of audio as we flash back to World Steam Expo 2011! Just a year ago, Charlie was hosting a podcast called the Related Recap over at Comic Related.  World Steam 2011 was his first steampunk convention. It is also the show where Charlie first met Ginny Tonic and Aloysius Fox. On the way home, he recorded a “road show” podcast (a tradition we’ve carried over here to the Charlie Tonic Hour).  In that audio he describes his experiences and his excitement is infectious. If you enjoy this episode, don’t miss next Wednesday as we present our own road show discussing this year’s Expo!

Run Time:
2 Hours, 8 Minutes, 51 Seconds

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The 2011 World Steam Expo Road Show
A single discussion recorded live with no edits!

The 2011 World Steam Expo Crew

Voices heard during the episode include John Wilson,
Kelsey Benoit and Chuck Moore (aka Charlie!)

The original podcast aired May 31, 2011
Related Recap Episode #275

The Music You Hear Throughout the Episode

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