Road Trip Music!

Road Trip Music!

Today was my last day of work for the next two and half months. It’s summer vacation time and you know what that means. It’s road trip season! As I pack my bags for the World Steam Expo this weekend my mind turns to the music I will need to get me through the drive. When I was a little girl every family road trip started with my dad singing Willie Nelson’s On The Road Again, a tradition that I carry on to this day.


The perfect song for a road trip is not an easy thing to find. It should be upbeat enough to keep you alert and enthusiastic at the wheel but also thoughtful enough to give your mind something to occupy itself. One artist who I particularly enjoy for road trips is Tom Petty. His music has the Americana feel that makes setting on the highway exciting and also manages to have a beat that almost exactly matches the rhythm of the stripes in the middle of the highway. You can really hear it in Running Down a Dream.Warning: this is a horrible video.


Of course a song gets bonus points if it actually contains lyrics about driving but what about those of us who prefer riding shotgun? Another great song for driving and a favorite of Aloysius Fox is Iggy Pop’s The Passenger. This song also has that steady, driving, beat that is so important for a road trip song.


These are just a few of the songs that are on my road trip playlist. Now it’s your turn folks. What are your favorite songs for a road trip? What artist to you queue up when you start the engine? Tell us your favorite so we can put them together into the ultimate driving playlist to be revealed in Episode 24 of The Charlie Tonic Hour.

4 Responsesto “Road Trip Music!”

  1. Calamity Dawn says:

    “Leaving on a Jet Plane” Peter, Paul and Mary
    “Country Roads” John Denver
    “Momma I’m Comin’ Home” Ozzy
    “Radar Love” Golden Earring
    “Can’t Drive 55” Hagar

    Also I tend to really hit the 80’s pop rock when I travel.

  2. Travis says:

    The entire “Beelzebubba” album by The Dead Milkmen.

  3. Emma Peelout says:

    I don’t know why anyone would bring a song especially having to do with driving somewhere on a trip, other than to ceremoniously kick it off, and then it wouldn’t matter unless there were more than me in the car. Kind of like, I wouldn’t listen to ‘Leaving on a Jet Plane’ just because I was.

    *smirk* Put me down for Bloodhound Gang ‘Mope’, cuz I’m Mighty Tighty Whitey and I’m smugglin plums…

  4. Gintia says:

    “Wanderlust” by Abney Park starts all my roadtrips. Puts me in an upbeat, hit the road frame of mind!

    It used to be “Wanderin’ Around” by Carbon Leaf: “Where to today? M-m-m-miles away!”

    If I’m driving by myself, I listen to an audiobook, or to an album or two by a favorite artist. But I’m usually driving with my sweetie who cares more about music than I, so I let him pick. He likes the unexpected variety of the radio (a decent station) whenever possible.


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