Pandora Society Update

Pandora Society Update


Looking for Something Fun to Do This Weekend?

Tonight Doctor Bombay and the Atomic Bachelor Pad will be opening for Switchblade Syndicate at The Avenue Lounge in Covington. Since I am too busy getting ready for tomorrow’s fun (who’s crazy idea was it to have a party and a yard sale on the same day?!?) I don’t think I will be there so that is why it is so important that YOU get out there and support my favorite bands. If you listend to Episode 19 you know why it’s killing me to miss this one.

Airship Passeportout at The Steampunk Symposium

If surf and rockabilly are not your thing make sure to join Airship Passeportout out of Dayton for their semi-annual Urban Nights event. Join these elegantly dressed steampunks as they stroll through the historic Oregon District in Lovely Downtown Dayton and end with a feast at the Spaghetti Warehouse. The crew of the airship wishes to stress that all are welcome to join and they are earnestly hoping to be joined by friends from Cincinnati & Columbus.

If you survive Friday night and are ready for more why don’t you come check out the Pandora Heights Yard Sale Saturday from 9am to 3pm. We have an ungodly amount of stuff to unload and we might just have the perfect item for you. If you don’t know where Pandora Heights is located you better email me to find out. And if a massive multifamily yard sale isn’t enough for you we are having a potluck cookout following the sale. So there you have it, not one but TWO excellent reasons to come visit us.

Hope everyone is going to have a wonderful weekend regardless of your plans but we are so busy getting ready for ours that I am going to cut this update short and get back to work. I am currently typing while surrounded by stuff at all sides and the basement is rapidly filling up as well. Someone has to start pricing all this stuff so I better got tell Aloysius and Charlie to get to work. Happy Mother’s Day to all the Pandora moms out there and we will see you next week with more blogs, podcasts and general popular culture craziness.

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