Episode #18 – Live Before A Studio Audience

Episode #18 – Live Before A Studio Audience

Ginny Tonic and Charlie sit down with a live studio audience for an episode recorded during a their panel Sunday at the Steampunk Empire Symposium.  The crowd really joins the show this week as stories are told, things are admitted and you get a taste of the celebration which was this past weekend’s fun.  Many voices you’ve heard and a few you’ve only heard discussed make it onto the show and we are VERY pleased to share this one with you.  All this and Calamity Dawn even joins of for a drink presentation.  More fun than we can into words here so sit back, listen and enjoy.

Run Time:
58 Minutes, 6 Seconds

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A LIVE Show In Three Acts!
(Segments at  17 seconds [Discourse Intercourse], 19 minutes, 30 seconds [Steampunk Storytelling]
and 34 minutes, 4 seconds [Bottoms Up] respectively)

Photo from the podcast panel by Joe Herbert

A few links from the discussion!

Marketviewliquor.com | TheSeekerWines.com
That Past Podcast Charlie Mentioned
Sir Ernest’s Twitter – @A_Passepartout / @GSimerlink
Calamity Dawn

The Boilerplate Buster Scroll

Such a wonderful creation!

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The Charlie Tonic Hour Listener Phone Line

The Music Featured This Week

Ford Theatre Reunion

The Music You Hear Throughout the Episode

Doctor Bombay and the Atomic Bachelor Pad

4 Responsesto “Episode #18 – Live Before A Studio Audience”

  1. Emma Peelout says:


    And I lie pretty frequently as well :)

    Thank you for having a live audience that I was fortunate enough to be there for. Do this MORE! So, so, soooo much fun. Oh and you need an art segment. A massive percentage of us out here are artists!


    Emma Freakin Peelout

  2. patrick says:

    has anyone posted the muppet vidio yet?

  3. Prof. Charles says:

    Charlie and Tonic,
    Thank you for the nod to me, my company marketviewliquor.com and theseekerwines.com. I will let the companies know your appreciation. I can’t wait till next year either.
    Prof. Charles


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