What Do You Do When No One Is Watching?

What Do You Do When No One Is Watching?

There is a fun little website called Proust that helps you build your own autobiography by asking interesting questions and letting you answer, add pictures and share with friends. I thought it would be a fun thing to take some of those questions and answer them with you here from time to time. This is the first installation that project.

What Do You Do When Nobody Happens to be Watching?

This probably isn’t much of a surprise but I get to singing very loudly and very seriously when I am by myself. Also my best dance parties are the ones that take place behind closed curtains, just me and Billy Idol. But singing is my true passion. When I was a little girl I wanted to be a singer more than anything. I used to line my stuffed animals up and belt my heart out to them. One of my favorites was Whitney Houston’s “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” Then one day my mom told me that I sing just like my dad and I realized that my dream would never come to fruition, because even at that young age I realized that my dad was and is a terrible, terrible singer. To this day I honestly can’t carry a tune in a bucket but that doesn’t stop me from letting loose when I’m alone in the car. God help you if you are in the vehicle next to me when a meaty 80’s ballad like “Total Eclipse of the Heart” comes on shuffle. If you should be so foolish as to ever wish to witness this spectacle you are in luck. There is a magic elixir called “alcohol” that makes me think that I am both invisible and mute as far as the world is concerned. Thanks to that magic elixir, sometimes my inner rock star is briefly let completely free. And unfortunately for me, there is usually someone there with a camera to capture it.

So how about you gentle readers? What do you do when nobody happens to be watching?

3 Responsesto “What Do You Do When No One Is Watching?”

  1. Calamity Dawn says:

    I dance and sing like a fool. I do the moves that one built like me should never, never, never, never ever ever attempt. I bop and sway and shimmy, shuffle and wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle, yeah!

  2. Emma Peelout says:

    Sara. Name any price, I will pay it. Tape me to the wall and call me a fly 😀

    Same for me though, except it’s strictly dancing. I NEVER dance, or sing for that matter, without a satisfying amount of liquor. What’s really terrifying, is that I really have NO clue if I’m crap or an undiscovered talent. LOL, no one in Derby would EVER tell me how bad I tore apart a NIN karaoke song, especially with my ‘reputation’ as a clumsy drunk terror. Which is complete crap, by the way. 😀

  3. Ginny says:

    Sounds like we need to have ourselves a little dance party. Perhaps at an upcoming wild-woman slumber party?


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