The Steampunk Symposium Part Two

The Steampunk Symposium Part Two

Ok so I have to admit. That was pretty freaking amazing. Thanks so much for everyone who came to the Steampunk Symposium, spent their weekend with us and made the event a success. Thanks especially to everyone who came to the live recording of Episode 18 on Sunday morning. That was the most fun episode we’ve ever done. I just hope that it’s not an unintelligible string of inside jokes, cat calls from the audience, and me getting drunk on three sips of the Boilerplate Buster thanks to my lack of eating and sleeping all weekend. Highlights of the weekend for me include seeing Aloysius’s vision of airships racing around the atrium ballroom come to fruition, doing a drinks and drunkenness panel with Calamity, watching as the vendor hall came to life and turned an ugly conference room into a marketplace of wonders and two amazing room parties hosted by Professor Charles and his whisky cart of wonders. Look for the show on Wednesday to hear all the stories. Here are just a few of the pictures I took but there are many, many more on Facebook and in Metromix. Also be on the look out for lots of new and exciting things from our new website

Dr Gintia Peaseblossom and Leanna Renee Hieber, one of our guest authors


Lady Aviator


Carrie and her black and white ensemble


The Apparition Abolishers won best in show in the Curiosities Exhibit.


Even kid's can do their part to fight airship piracy.


We couldn't have pulled this weekend off without Kristen's help at the Registration Table


A steampunk cyborg


A dashing couple during opening ceremonies



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