Pandora Society Update

Pandora Society Update


As Aloysius, Charlie, and I get ready for a weekend of frantic preparations for next week’s Steampunk Empire Symposium I wanted to take a moment to share with you news from across the Pandora Society. So let’s see what is going on in the life of Charlie Tonic, The Symposium, Pandoracon and all of our friends shall we boys and girls?

Ginny doing a drinking panel at World Steam Expo 2011

The Charlie Tonic Hour Live Recording: Charlie, Aloysius and I are very excited to be working round the clock to pull off the most amazing first year Steampunk show that alternative history has ever seen. On the weekend of the Symposium I will be doing three panels. On Friday night Calamity Dawn and I will be presenting a panel on Victorian Erotica and we are teaming up again Saturday night for Victorian Drinks and Drunkenness. Rumor has it you will be able to try two different drinks, including Calamity’s latest creation, The Boilerplate Buster (donations are encouraged). Then make sure you sober up in time time to join Charlie and I as we record our first ever live show Sunday at noon. We will be taking questions from the audience and once again will be trying the Boilerplate Buster for the Bottoms Up segment. If you’ve ever wished you could be a fly on the wall as Charlie and I record the show now’s your chance!

Jeff Carlisle’s Art Nouveau Doctor Who.

Pandoracon 2012 Gains New Artist: The Pandoracon site continues to host a small but talented group of writers dedicated to all aspects of sci-fi and fantasy. Articles on your favorite forgotten TV shows (by new contributor Gordon Dymowski), “Women of Awesomeness” and comics came out this week, as well as the announcement that Jeff Carlisle will be a resident artist for Pandoracon 2012. We’ve long been a fan of Jeff’s art nouveau-inspired take on science fiction and we were thrilled to learn that he is actually a Columbus-based artist and were able to bring him on board. With that and the idea for the official Pandoracon poster we are doing with Bill Tackett, this is going to be a very art-impressive show.

The Steampunk Empire Symposium is Here!: By this time next week the symposium will be underway. It’s hard to believe that the thing that Aloysius and I started dreaming a couple of years ago is finally happening. I don’t know whether to be excited, scared or both but I do know that it will be an unforgettable experience either way. Individuals from across the Pandora Society are pitching in to help make this event incredible and we couldn’t do it without you. We are especially happy to announce that Emma Peelout has agreed to make the trophy for the Symposium Games. If you have seen her goggles, metalwork or the cake-topper she whipped up for Aloysius’ birthday cake you know that this is definitely going to be a trophy worth competing over.

Geeky Musicals, Treasure Hunts and Crafts for a Cause: In more news from around the Pandora Society, Lacey Piotrowski tells us she is very excited to have tickets to see StarKidPotter. It is a musical homage to Harry Potter put on by Starkid, group out of Chicago who put on “amazingly geeky musical performances.” After seeing a little of their work I was very sorry to see that we missed them completely at C2E2…

Gintia and Sir Ernest are happy to report that once again they are heading a team to treasure hunt for a good cause. The Epilepsy Foundation of Western Ohio is hosting their bi-annual Road Rally Treasure Hunt. Each team solves a puzzle that points them to a location where they have to search for the hidden number that will lead them to the next location and so forth. This sounds very fun and I think it would only be better if we get a team together in the fall and do the whole thing in steampunk costume. It’s like Wacky Races but for charity.

Sometimes life is just not fair. Angie Carter of Festooned Butterfly has shared with us the sad story of a good friend who, on top of being diagnosed with cervical cancer, is being denied coverage for the kind of treatment her doctor recommends to save her life. But friends don’t let friends accept news like that lying down and Angie as well as the awesome crafty ladies of Geek Details and Frenzy Universe have created an Etsy store where you can shop for the latest additions to your steampunk lifestyle and all of the proceed will go toward covering her treatment. You can also make a donation to the cause here. If you do nothing else on this page do this. On a side rant, in the short life of this website this makes the third time I’ve shared a story of someone suffering serious, life-destroying money problems due to the crappy state of health care in the country. If I ever do end up joining a revolutionary army, this will be why.

So that is what’s going on in our world. Got something going on in your life you want to brag about? Leave it in the comments.

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