Doctor Who: Some Lingering Questions about Season Six

Doctor Who: Some Lingering Questions about Season Six

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Spoilers Sweetie…

1. Why do they have to be so darn scary? I asked this question on Facebook after starting this season. This is of course a rhetorical question and more a reflection on the wonderful writing and creative direction of Stephen Moffat than an actual complaint. Although I am notoriously easy to scare, (I prefer to think of it as being extremely sensitive to adrenaline) I do enjoy this level of scariness, where it is mostly psychological, based on timing rather than gore, and is always resolved happily by the end of the episode. Even though I had to watch many of the episodes this season while peeking out from behind a pillow I have to say I really enjoyed the experience and look forward to more of the same in Season Seven (as long as they continue to end happily of course.)

2. Am I the only one who noticed all the Christ References? In this season we see The Doctor sacrificing himself for the good of the world after being betrayed by one of his closest friends. We see him hearing the prayers of a scared little boy, being Amy’s object of faith and appearing before the emperor in rags and a rather Jesus-y looking beard. We even see Craig falling asleep on the night before The Doctor goes willingly to his death, which I thought was rather heavy handed. So is it just my Catholic upbringing that is making me see all of these connections or are they being deliberately put there? Or is it that a messianic figure that comes to earth and saves humanity from it’s self just such a strong meme in our collective unconscious that secular Briton had to remake it in its own image?

3. If the Doctor and River got married in an alternate time stream and he was a robot is it still legal? Although to be fair I had the same question about the plastic Rory from the previous season.

4. Why does Amy Pond have to be so impossibly beautiful? Vividly wonderful hair, pearlescent skin and an amazing pair of gams in a miniskirt every episode?  Seriously, watching Karen Gillan this season on blu ray with a big screen plasma TV made me want to just give up and just wear a bag over my head. On a more serious note I have always enjoyed the fact that the Doctor’s companions have been slightly less than Hollywood perfection and that made them feel more like real people to me. Additionally, I find Alex Kingston as River Song to be one of the sexiest character’s in the history of television and I do hope we see a lot more of her in the next season. But as much as Amy has grated my nerves from time to time I do like how she has grown over the last two seasons and I think I will actually miss her as a new companion takes her place next season. But I do hope the new one is just a touch less achingly gorgeous.

5. Will Season Seven actually deliver on these big themes instead of bringing me so close and then letting me down? The writers of Doctor Who talk a good talk. They have wonderful quotes, ask tantalizing questions and delivery unforgettable characters. But over and over this season it seemed like they were on the verge of getting deeper, going darker or getting more real. In A Good Man Goes to War we were told that the universe is at war with the Doctor, that people have come to fear and loath the Doctor and that he has lost the child of his best friends to those who will use her against him. In The Impossible Astronaut and The Wedding of River Song it seemed that the Doctor had finally met his match and that there was no clever tricks to get him out of it this time. But it turns out that after only an episode Amy and Rory seem to have forgotten about the infant version of River Song and then in the season finale we learn that River didn’t actually kill the Doctor but only shot a robot version. All this season I though that I was witnessing a tragic love story building between to time travelers who first meet on the day she kills him. As much as I love happy endings the robot switcher-roo seemed a little trite. Of course as Charlie pointed out, even with these little flaws Doctor Who is still the best TV shows on air and one of the few that I actually take time out of my schedule to watch. Maybe for Season Seven I will actually buy the episodes as they come out instead of waiting till they make it to Netflix like I have watched all the others. Now that would be a statement of devotion.

You can hear more discussion and some dissenting option in Episode Sixteen of The Charlie Tonic Hour.

5 Responsesto “Doctor Who: Some Lingering Questions about Season Six”

  1. Emma Peelout says:

    Absolutely love this. I am extremely adicted to the show and have had to watch it religiously EVERY WEEK as it aired. But the time in between causes you to lose a lot of the detail that makes it special. Especially now with this perilously HEINOUS year-long wait! This is a terrific article. I’m envious of you that you got to see them as you did….basically whenever you wanted or had the time. As they will no doubt start showing Season 6 in order on BBC a couple weeks before it returns on August 27th (my son Berkeley’s last birthday present of the day :), it will be great to get a refreshed memory after all I’ve learned and discovered post-season. Til then, I leave the scattered here and there’s on my DVR. It’s not good unless it’s perfection :)


  2. Calamity Dawn says:

    Emma, much as it pains me to mention this, but as far as I know the Doctor won’t be returning until the Autumn. There are rumors of an earlier start, and rumors of a later start. Last thing I hear Moffat say was Autumn and until I hear more definitively I’m going with that.