Episode #15 – Obsessions, A Busy Week and the Wonderful Molly Wellman

Episode #15 – Obsessions, A Busy Week and the Wonderful Molly Wellman

We’re back and this week there was simply too much audio goodness for a single show.  What do we mean?  In episode #15, we are joined by the legendary Molly Wellman for a “bottoms up” drink segment to remember.  While we had her with us, we also recorded an utterly hip interview which will be part of episode #16 next week.  Molly is amazing, but the episode doesn’t end there.  Along the way, we catch you up on all the fun of the last week, share a discussion about healthy obsessions, unveil our new Charlie Tonic hotline, look ahead to next week’s massive comic convention and enjoy a little fruit bat invasion.  A solid episode lies ahead.  Dive in!

Run Time:
60 Minutes, 8 Seconds

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Segment 1 – Discourse Intercourse
Bar Hopping, Tea Party@TedX, Steampunk Salon And A Very Big Move
(Starts at 17 seconds into the show)

Calamity Dawn and Aloysius Fox at the Tea Party (with special photo thanks to Emma Peelout)

Topics Discussed Include:
Bar Hopping – Gabby’s Cafe |  Vogue Cafe
Tea Party@TedX – Calamity Dawn | TEDxCincinati
Steampunk Salon – Arnolds | CityBeat
A Very Big Move – Photos from the Move

Charlie Gets Buried In The Move

Allen Mann’s Amazing Print

Symposium Pin | Steampunk Empire Symposium

Segment 2 – Healthy Obsessions
Dip into the psyche of Ginny Tonic and Charlie
(Starts at 18 minutes and 37 seconds into the show)

Fan art from the early days
of “Chuck’s Comics”

Segment 3 – “Bottoms Up” with Molly Wellman
(Starts at 34 minutes and 50 seconds into the show)

Molly Wellman

Japps Since 1879

“Thank you Molly, you are awesome!”
– Ginny Tonic and Charlie

Segment 4 – Closing Out the Show
(Starts at 46 minutes and 20 seconds into the show)

Next Week's Comic Con

 C2E2 (Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo)

This Week’s Suggested Music!
The Fruit Bats – When U Love Somebody
(Also Mentioned Kirby Krackle | H2Awesome | TMBG | Butthole Surfers)

The New Charlie Tonic Hour Listener Phone Line

Doctor Bombay and the Atomic Bachelor Pad

The Music You Hear Throughout the Episode

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