Gem City Comic Con

Gem City Comic Con


Charlie and I had a great weekend at Gem City Comic Con with Aloysius Fox. Thanks again to Calamity Dawn and her lovely family for putting us up for the weekend and extra big thanks to John and Kim Wilson for running the Comic Related table all weekend. We couldn’t do it without all of you. Details from all the adventures will be in our very first road show podcast: Episode 14. Until then here are some pictures to give you a taste for the weekend.

The Show Floor


Pictures with Friends

The Party

I did actually take quite a few pictures of the Studio Akumakaze Party from Saturday night but this was the best one of the lot.

Unfortunately the rest of them looked more like this…

I really should not take pictures while I am drunk.


One Responseto “Gem City Comic Con”

  1. Emma Peelout says:

    LOL Ginny! Those pics are incredible <3 Mr. Fox in a FEZ…beyond imagination. Best is the one of you three….always fabulous.

    BTW, Drunk and cameras? Same here :p And large hats…