End of the Century

End of the Century

I’ve spent a lot of my life around education in one form or another. Sexy topic, right? But wait, I’m headed somewhere interesting. Whether it be the grade school years or college or my eventual career in higher education, for me life has almost always been around or near students and spring break always factored into that mix. In the spirit of it being that “time-off to do something fun” point in the year, I thought I would share a video recommendation for those of you finding a bit of extra time on your hands.

Today I caught a clip from End of the Century: The Story of the Ramones. I first sampled this particular gem back in 2008.  The documentary itself clocks in just a little under two hours and was released in 2003. During the show, filmmaker Michael Gramaglia gives us a sweeping overview of these punk rock legends and it was honestly a very interesting ride.  The group was caustic, often troubled and very much a fighting family (especially Joey and Johnny) through the twenty or so years they redefined music.


I will admit to being a complete fanboy when it comes to rock and roll documentaries.  I even have a soft spot for fictional rock and roll movies. Almost Famous remains one of my favorite films of all time but that is a topic for another day as I think I have a full blog post just dedicated to why it hit home with me waiting to be written.

This film did not disappoint. A lot of ground is covered in short order and the interview footage is solid. From the early days to the more recent deaths, this was a film I enjoyed and further solidified the just how likable Joey Ramone was. I knew a lot of the Ramones story going into this film, but the documentary gave me a bit deeper look into their lives and the personalities that made them so influential, yet prevented them from being the chart topping band they deserved to be.

Well worth a watch!

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