News from the Pandora Society

News from the Pandora Society

It’s time for your weekly dose of Pandora goodness! So sit back and let Dr. Ginny administer the medicine you need…

First for your weekend invitation! The epic Doctor Bombay show at Mainstay’s Bar and Grill will be this Saturday and you do NOT want to miss this one. Doctor Bombay and The Atomic Bachelor Pad is playing their trademark surf rock sound, accompanied as always by The Cocktail Kittens go-go group (of which I am proud to be a member). But Lola and I won’t be the only lovely ladies on stage because we are being joined by Deadly Sins Burlesque as well by Tinderbox Circus, an assortment of freaks and geeks who perform unbelievable stunts. Watch if you dare but be warned, I’ve seen them stapling things to each other just for the fun of it. Who knows what they will do on stage?

Over on Pandoracon the sci-fi writing continues fast and furious. Everything from comic reviews, to classic Doctor Who to the myth of Pandora herself. Aloysius has done a great job of finding some great writers lurking among our friends. If you have some thoughts on sci-fi writing that you want to share with the world contact us and we will set you up.

Pandora Promotions also announced this week that the upcoming sci-fi show, Pandoracon, will have a unique and frankly exciting feature. Guests and attendees will be assigned to one of four houses. Member of each house will fight under the flag of their Queen, The Queen of Hearts, Spades, Clubs and Diamonds will be head of each house and her knights will be competing in games and competitions to bring her honor. No word yet on if these queens will have the power to behead those minions that displease her but I’m looking forward to it nonetheless.

In wider Pandora news:

Airship Passportout would like to invite local Steampunks to join them for Urban Nights 2012. Members and friends of the airship will don their Steampunk finest for a promenade through Dayton’s downtown district. Part bar-hop and part-salon, the event promises to be a good time for both the new and the established Steampunks. Aloysius, Charlie and I plan to be there if at all possible.

And speaking of Airship Passportout, Gintia writes to urge everyone to vote now in Dayton Metro Library’s Books and Brackets competition. Their version of March Madness pits the best in young adult and children’s literature against each other. Right now A Wrinkle in Time is loosing out to Little Women and frankly this cannot stand. Vote today for your favorite and don’t forget to vote in each of the active regions because Little House in the Big Woods is neck and neck with The Wizard of Oz.

Friend of Pandora and local artist Kathryn Hinton invites readers to go see her work on display at the Pleasant Perk coffee shop in Pleasant Ridge in Cincinnati. Grab yourself a fancy coffee and take in some fabulous art at the same time.

If art is not your thing Holden Fury wants to invite you to join him for an 80’s Euro Dance night on March 31st. This man has style like you wouldn’t believe and I just know that any event of his is going to be fun, fashionable and throughly thought out. I know that I am going to try to be there and I encourage you to as well.

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