What’s New from the Pandora Society?

What’s New from the Pandora Society?


We thought we would take a moment on Fridays to share what’s been going on the Pandora Family this week. As you may know, The Charlie Tonic Hour is a Pandora Production. We are just one part of the events production company that is putting on the Steampunk Symposium, Pandoracon and Queen City Cabaret. Pandora is also surrounded by some amazing groups of performers, writers, artists and eclectic individuals of all stripes who we work with and welcome at many of our events. We’ve been referring to the sum total of these events and individuals as “The Pandora Society” and we are here today to share what we’ve been up to and to invite you to join. Or as Aloysius likes to say, “Join the cult of Pandora; we drink things far better than Kool-Aid.”


So what have we been up to this week? Well first and foremost let me invite you to join Charlie, Aloysius and myself this Saturday at The Redmoor for a St. Patrick’s Day concert with Hellblinki, Ford Theater Reunion, and Marmalade Brigade. Charlie and I will be doing some recording for the podcast so if you’ve ever wanted to be on a real-life podcast now’s your chance. It’s going to be a great time!

This week Pandora Promotions unveiled its new website. The site has previously been a static site that simply showcased upcoming shows but from now on it will be a place for you to find out the latest news and updates on the events as well as relevant articles from Pandora Contributors. This week Aloysius shared a story about one of the many competitions in Steampunk Symposium’s Games competition: Verbal Dueling. Brush up on your Wilde and your Shaw and be ready to defeat your opponent with a witty bon-mot!

And speaking of the Symposium; if a battle wits leaves you unarmed, never fear! Over on the Steampunk Symposium site an invitation to Umbrella Dueling has been put forth. Remember to register your airship or steampunk group with Aloysius before April 26th to be eligible for the competition.

If you have an interest in sci-fi, fantasy or geek culture and haven’t been following the Pandoracon website you are missing out. Rather than being just a repository for updates on the weekend long sci fi convention that is coming to Cincinnati in September, Pandoracon is becoming the go-to place to read and reminisce about your favorite old TV show, advice for which urban fantasy to read next, or just share a cool new piece of technology. This is one you should definitely add to your RSS feed.

News from the wider Pandora Society involves an up-coming Doctor Bombay show with Deadly Sins Burlesque that looks like it will be one for the record books in terms of awesomeness and a Euro 80’s dance night hosted by none other than Bombay keyboardist Mr. Holden Fury is also on the horizon. Our friends at Comic Related will be a several upcoming shows, including Gem City Comic Con. Stop by their table and also look for local comic artists and friends Eric Adams, and Studio Akumakaze. Plus you will be able to attend a panel hosted by our own Kristen Coppess on her paper The Comic Code: How Catwoman’s Body Destroyed Society.

These are just a few of the things going on in our world. What’s going on in yours?

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