Meet Stitcher

Meet Stitcher

One of our goals here at the Charlie Tonic Hour is to make it easy for you to listen to our show and that has us looking for new avenues to deliver our hour to you. Recently, we learned of a great app which allows you to listen to the Charlie Tonic Hour on demand on your smart phone or iPad. We invite you to try out the world of Stitcher! The app is free AND if you use the promo code “charlietonicshow” you will be entered to win $100.

The app allows you to get the freshest episode of your favorite podcasts and radio shows without any downloading or syncing. From the Charlie Tonic Hour to NPR’s Fresh Air to Adam Carolla, WNYC’s Radiolab to the Wall Street Journal to Rachel Maddow and more, Stitcher organizes and delivers the world of talk radio fresh daily. Listen whenever and wherever you want.

Create Your Own Custom Stations
“Stitch” together your favorite shows into customized stations and save them for easy access. Create a news station for your morning commute, and a comedy station for the weekends. Browse or search through over 6,000 different shows, or select a pre-set station from Stitcher’s editors like Top 20 Comedy shows, or Top 20 News & Politics shows and much more.

Discover New Shows You’ll Love
Let Stitcher give you personalized recommendations based on your listening preferences. Enjoy This American Life? Stitcher lets you see what other listeners of This American Life also like to listen to – you’ll have new favorites in no time. Let Stitcher help you discover the world beyond music radio!

(Promo Code “charlietonicshow”)

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