A Life Less Ordinary

A Life Less Ordinary

Charlie here! I thought I would stop by and share a little meandering, musing update today. Before I catch you up, I just want to say that, behind the scenes, Ginny has been having far too much fun writing. I can see it in her smile each time a new post hits the site and her enthusiasm for both this podcast and those who listen is nothing short of infectious. Personally, it’s been a real time of change for me and I’ve been very content to enjoy those updates along with each of you, our great readers. She’s pretty amazing at this whole podcasting/blogging/taking-over-the-world thing isn’t she?

Don’t worry about responding to that question. You don’t have to say it. I already know the answer is “yes”.

So the title here is “a life less ordinary”. I think that fits where I’m at these days. On Monday of this week, I made the decision to jump off the ledge of life and plunge head first into an entirely new life of my own making. I’ve had the same day job for over 18 years. The promise of retiring young and steady health insurance kept me behind a desk each time opportunity invited me to run off an join the circus. You see, I can count several points in my own past where I felt it might be the right time to take a chance and try and define life on my own terms outside a traditional 8 AM to 5 PM expectation. Each time, I passed on that opportunity and I’ve been plagued by a long history of “what if” moments. This week, I decided no more and resigned effective 3/30/12.

In addition to picking up the title of “short timer” at the job, I feel like I have just started become one of those stories I love so much in the movies. You know the ones where the leading man or woman comes to a crossroads and gives up their high paying job to follow a dream that only a select few understand. Sometimes it’s for little or no money and they learn along the way that their life is so much more satisfying for the change. For me, it’s time to test that story. With a solid support structure in place, I’m making a run to succeed like I’ve never been able to dividing my attention.

I have a lot of plans and this podcast is central to many of them. I’ve become a full time employee of Pandora Promotions focusing on local shows, the upcoming Steampunk Empire Symposium and Pandoracon. I’m hoping to reenergizing my dedication to the website I founded, Comic Related. I’m also planning to get out and sample more local music when the opportunity presents itself in the hope of organizing even more exciting events for you to enjoy.

Aloysius Fox talks about how so many of the things that have become the cornerstone of his life grew out of simply wanting to create a group, a community or and event that didn’t exist which he wanted to enjoy. I understand the way he feels. I’m now working to create the things I love and share them with those who want to follow the journey. By reading this, you’re already on board as I’ll be sharing my adventures, a life is redefined, with you in future blog updates.

7 Responsesto “A Life Less Ordinary”

  1. Travis says:

    Looks like maybe you’ll be staying here, then.

  2. Gintia says:

    Congratulations and fair winds for your flight! I couldn’t decide which of these songs to send you, so you get both.

    This one was “our song” throughout our courtship:

    And this one of course:

  3. Calamity Dawn says:

    I’m honored to be witness to these events as they unfold! I remember just before the first episode of The Charlie Tonic Hour aired talking to you and Ginny about the whole thing. The excitement in both of you was so very intoxicating. That is why I listen, it’s not just the subjects, it’s the way you two tackle them. I am so happy you found your “groove thing.” My wish for you is nothing but joy from now on.

  4. It’s more than fantastic that you’re enjoying your life to the fullest — you’re a constant source of both ingenuity and inspiration! Continue taking like by the horns and don’t let that motherfucker go until you’re good and ready! LOVIN’ IT!!


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