Mardi Gras Magic Comes to Cincinnati

Mardi Gras Magic Comes to Cincinnati

Photo courtesy of Metromix.

The Voodoo Carnival 2012

Where can I start when describing this event? The wonderful performers? The amazing costumes? The beautiful facility? The incredible crowd? The near constant flirtation? I think that all of these things were intrinsic to making it a night to remember so I will have to go through all of them to give you an accurate picture of the evening.

Madame Gigi's Can-Can Dancers Photo by Metromix

Marmalade Brigade and Chakras provided music for the evening. The two bands have a very different sound. Marmalade Brigade is an acoustic jazzy band with really clever lyrics while Chakras is an alternative/metal rock band with a female vocalist and a new-age flavor but both really helped capture the feeling of the night. Robbin Marks Magic gave us magic and humor and Cincinnati’s only stunt chicken.  Pickled Brother’s Circus provided juggling, sword swallowing and a bed of nails. They also did a glow in the dark high juggling routine that I hadn’t seen before and looked amazing in the dark theater. Madame Gigi’s Can-Can Dancers were the hit of night. Pandora Promotions and Queen City Cabaret have worked with burlesque and belly dancers before but this was our first can-can experience. It was high energy and really made an impression with the audience. I wouldn’t have thought I would see the day when our audience would get tired of boobs but I think doing something different really helped the show. And of course through out all of this craziness our MC Aloysius Fox was a constant source of leadership and innuendo. His dramatic reading of “I Touch Myself” by The Divinyls was quite moving.

Marmalade Brigade Photo by Metromix

Chakras Photo by Metromix

Pickled Brothers Circus Photo by Metromix

Once again the costumes took my breath away. I was working the door so I got to see everyone as they arrived. Congratulations to two Charlie Tonic regulars, Emma Peelout and Sir Ernest, who won the costume contest. They have booth been runners-up in the past but this was a first time win for both of them. Overall I think this was one of the best-dressed crowds I’ve seen at our shows. And of course they were complimented by being in one of the best looking venues we’ve been in. The Redmoor is an art deco period theater that has been converted to a reception hall and occasional music venue. It was beautiful, well-kept and very well staffed. We are doing a Saint Patrick’s Day event there, The Leprechaun’s Wake, on March 17th featuring Hellblinki, Ford Theatre Reunion, and Marmalade Brigade. I am really looking forward to going back.

The Redmoor Photo by Carrie Lynn Wilcox

Best Dressed Woman Emma Peelout Photo by Joe Herbert

Best Dressed Men Competition Photo by Emma Peelout

Girls Gone Wild Photo by Joe Herbert

Amazing Face Paint Photo by Joe Herbert

Skeleton Man Photo by Joe Herbert

Well Matched Pair Photo by Metromix


And of course we would not be anywhere without our audience. Every time we get together I am so proud of the community who are a vital part of our events. There is something about a willingness to dress up in fantastic outfits and come to eclectic events that attract the nicest, funniest, and wittiest individuals. Of course sometimes these individuals can also be ever so slightly on the cheeky side and that makes it all the better.

Roller Derby Photo by Emma Peelout

Oh Behave! Photo by Emma Peelout

Fun at a Table Photo by Joe Herbert

Now That's A Lollipop Photo by Emma Peelout

Overall it was a fun and magical evening and I can’t wait for the next one. For a more personal take on the evening and to hear all the juicy details I left out  listen to Episode Eight of The Charlie Tonic Hour.

Special thanks to Metromix‘s David Sorcher, Joe Herbert, Brian Kollig, Emma Peelout, Justin Caridi Photography and Carrie Lynn Wilcox for taking such amazing pictures and letting me use them in this post.

And just because she looked so fabulous: here’s one more of Emma Peelout

Best Dressed Indeed Photo by Justin Caridi Photography





2 Responsesto “Mardi Gras Magic Comes to Cincinnati”

  1. Travis says:

    I don’t think the audience is tired of boobs, but the legs and “can cans” of the ladies Friday night were a good replacement.

  2. Calamity Dawn says:

    This was the best party I have ever been to! I’m still a little hoarse and riding the high! Thanks for the great recap.


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