Valentine’s Day Advice

Valentine’s Day Advice

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On Episode Seven Charlie and I give some of our thoughts and advice for Valentine’s Day but unfortunately that episode doesn’t go live until tomorrow and you need to get laid tonight. Therefore before all of our horny listeners head out for their Valentine’s Date let me pass on this little pearl of wisdom that learned from the ever wise Mr. Dan Savage: Fuck First. A heavy meal and a bottle of wine are not the best thing to get you in the mood unless you are talking about being in the mood to fall asleep in front of the television. If you come home after a big meal and force yourself to have lack-luster sex (or worse: no sex) you may start doubting the relationship. But if you fuck first while you are alert and energetic it leaves you plenty of time to head off to dinner where you can celebrate your relationship and your amazing love-making skills. Plus you can work up an appetite. Unfortunately I don’t have any advice to give you for giving gifts. This is usually closer to my experience when it comes to Valentine’s Day presents.

3 Responsesto “Valentine’s Day Advice”

  1. Calamity Dawn says:

    Why didn’t I read this BEFORE I ate the steak Sebastian so lovingly prepared for me…
    OTOH: Chocolate Bourbon Cherries!!!!!!!

  2. Grahahahaha. This made my Valentines Day :) xoxo, eggy