We Want Your Sex…y Songs

We Want Your Sex…y Songs

Loyal listeners to The Charlie Tonic Hour will remember that on Episode Six we requested that you send us suggestions for your favorite sexy song for a Valentine’s music segment to debut on Episode Seven. So here we are again, asking you to lay it on us. What music gets you in the mood? Do you like your songs to be explicit or full of innuendo? Playful or seriously seductive? Does a solo performance do it for you or do you prefer a duet? We need your suggestions please! Leave a comment with the name, artist and even better a link to the video and then download Episode Seven so you can hear the songs that make Charlie Tonic fans weak in the knees. Who knows, that knowledge  just may come in handy for you one day. And in the meantime here’s a little music set the mood for you.

17 Responsesto “We Want Your Sex…y Songs”

  1. Travis says:


    This song. But not this video. The 90s were a sad, embarrassing time.

  2. Sir Ernest says:

    Cherry Poppin’ Daddies
    Here Comes the Snake

  3. Caelyn Nagle says:

    The Mission UK – Swoon (reserection mix).. yes that’s spelled correctly.

    I can’t find the res-erection mix anywhere online, but I have it on CD and MP3.

    Here are the lyrics:

    I, more than adore you
    Naked, standing before you
    Hold out your arms
    And open yourself wide
    Hold me dear
    Bury me deep inside
    Feel, feel the glow
    You make me swoon

    I, wanna turn you on
    Wanna take you high
    Sleight of hand
    Slip of the tongue

    Sweet, how sweet you taste

    And the heat
    The heat you make
    You make me swoon, you make me swoon

    I, more than adore you
    Naked, standing before you
    Hush, baby hush
    Rush, here comes the rush
    You make me swoon, you make me swoon
    You make me swoon, you make me swoon

    And here is the “normal” mix of the song:

    Which is still awesome, but the reserection mix totally can send you over the edge…ahem….at least if you’re already standing next to it.

  4. Sir Ernest says:

    Cherry Poppin’ Daddies
    Shake Your Lovemaker

  5. Sir Ernest says:

    Frenzal Rhomb
    Be Still My Beating Off
    Great song, but no video online, here’s a link to the lyrics though.

  6. Sir Ernest says:


  7. Sir Ernest says:

    Da Vinci’s Notebook
    Internet Porn

  8. Krystin says:


    OK, Chris Isaak has to be on the list… “Wicked Game” for making love… BUT “Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing” for when you wanna… well, you know. Maybe you’ve heard the song… but you probably don’t know the video! Yummy.

  9. Just James says:

    First one is from a soundtrack:

    Second one sounds like it should be from a soundtrack:

  10. Ginny says:

    Excellent Suggestions! This is going to be a very long segment.

  11. Kevin says:

    I’ll suggest Terrence Trent Darby and “Sign Your Name” off the top of my head. Video is pretty standard but the song holds up imo.

  12. Gonna go with Feelin’ Love by Paula Cole slow, sultry and drenched in lust.

  13. Sir Ernest says:

    The Cure
    From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea
    Always one of my favorites…

  14. gonz o'lager says:

    I prefer Tom Jones’ version of “You Can Leave Your Hat On.”

  15. Calamity Dawn says:

    Depeche Mode “World In Eyes” the rhythym, thrust and vibe of the song is just sexy to me.