Charlie Tonic Takes Cincinnati!

Charlie Tonic Takes Cincinnati!

Now with added sauciness!

It’s been an amazing first month here at The Charlie Tonic Hour and new and exciting things just keep happening. Not since Shane, the Zoo’s new African pygmy hedgehog, has Cincinnati been so excited about a funny-looking new arrival.

There’s no way in hell I can live up to this review but a girl can dream can’t she?

First of all, Charlie and I want to say thank you everyone who has written a review of us on iTunes. The reviews do a huge amount to boost our appearance in the searches and have led to us making the “New & Notable” section twice within the first three episodes. The reviews have also just confirmed what we long suspected: that we have some of the most creative and fun individuals in the world listening to our show. Review of the week goes to Gonzo O’Lager who’s synopsis had both of us in stitches when we read it. It’s like a little modernist novel right there in the reviews section. If you haven’t done so already, please head over and write a quick review about the show.

Make Cincinnati Weird

Come on, you can make it weirder than that.

The Charlie Tonic Hour is also very excited to announce that we have a new partnership with the Make Cincinnati Weird blog. From attending The Denton Affair’s Rocky Horror Picture Show reenactment to exploring Cincinnati by Metro, Make Cincinnati Weird shares our goal of celebrating the best and brightest of alternative culture in Cincinnati. As their mission statement says,

The goal is to document the quirky, offbeat, and… well… weird goodness of Cincinnati.  The single guiding principle is that diversity breeds strength.

Visit their webpage to stay caught up on Cincinnati comings and goings and you will see an RSS feed for The Charlie Tonic Hour right there on the main page.

Finally you may have noticed an addition to the Charlie Tonic’s home page. We are now proud to be an affiliate podcast with Running a website and podcast does cost us money and we are going to be looking for ways to make some of that money back. But because we are classy and because we truly value your time and attention we promise not to run any old crap we can just to earn a few pennies a click. As I said in Episode Four, I am fan of Audible in real life; I have subscribed myself and think that this is a great product and an excellent value. Click on the link on our homepage or go to to get a free audio book of your choosing and see for yourself.

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  1. Gonz O'Lager says:

    And I meant every dripping ounce of love in that review, kiddos.