Pandoracon: Leave Your Real World Far Behind!

Pandoracon: Leave Your Real World Far Behind!

On Episode Four this week Charlie talked about a website he was building for Pandora Promotions latest big venture, a weekend long science fiction convention in Cincinnati Ohio, Pandoracon. The website is great and I encourage you to check it out but I wanted to talk a little bit about why Pandoracon is going to be such an exciting event.

Cincinnati has such a large and vibrent geek community that it is surprising that, in recent years, we haven’t had a large scale science fiction convention. Millennicon has had a great history of putting on a literary based sci-fi show, but we felt that there was room for another convention to take science fiction fans in a slightly different direction, thus Pandoracon will be a participatory convention.

What is a participatory convention you ask? Fair enough question because as far as I know we made that term up. A typical sci-fi or comic con involves a lot of standing around in hallways, listening to people speak, and buying things. You might admire some costumes, and if you know the right people you might even be invited to a good party after the show closes, but outside of the big conventions it can be a subdued affair. With Pandoracon we want the audience to be active participants throughout the weekend. We will have the panels, guest speakers, and vendors of a traditional con, but we are also having bands, the sci-fi inspired casino “Las Venus,” gaming, room parties, and cardboard tube wars.

One of the philosophies of Pandora Promotions is a celebration of the imagination and creativity that makes dorks so cool. With Pandoracon we want you to be a part of an event that elevates geekdome to the highest levels. Getting autographs from people who were in your favorite shows is awesome, I love a brush with fame as much as the next person, but we don’t want that to be all you leave with. We want you to leave our shows feeling like you can do great things. We want you to leave knowing that you are a fun and sexy person who doesn’t just watch life happen to other people or read about it on the internet. You make things happen.

This philosophy extends to the people we’ve chosen as guests for this show. We knew we had to have Jason Carter as a guest when we were talking with him at the World Steam Expo. Not only did he play one of the coolest characters on Babylon 5, he is making art, doing new things and getting out at conventions and talking to people, not just sitting behind a table. Billy Tackett  isn’t just an amazing artist who does creepy-as-hell zombie pictures, he is also a hell of a nice guy and someone we really want to spend a weekend with. Teri Jacobs isn’t just a kick-ass writer, she is active in the local events scene in Cincinnati. These are people we love and we want you to get to know them to.

Tickets for Pandoracon are going on sale soon, I know they will be available at The Steampunk Symposium in April for a discount price, and I encourage you mark your calendars now so you can get out and enjoy the party with us.

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