How Many Steampunks Can You Fit into a Bathtub? The Weekend in Review

How Many Steampunks Can You Fit into a Bathtub? The Weekend in Review

A few of the 40 attendees at the January Salon.

The January salon of the League of Cincinnati Steampunks was one for the record books. Forty people filled three rooms at Arnold’s in Cincinnati Ohio on the evening of January 7th, the largest number we’d ever had. Everyone had recovered enough from New Year’s and was once again ready to get into corsets and top hats and gather together at Cincinnati’s oldest bar. Table after table was filled with stalwart favorites and new faces.Attendees are always well dressed at the salons but I was particularly impressed by the costumes at this gathering. One of the running jokes of the night was “I need to get back to the mall.” Several times when an individual was asked where they had gotten a piece of their outfit the answer was more likely to be “Forever 21” than “Steampunk Emporium” or “I made it.”  The mainstreaming of steampunk has its benefits. I myself was wearing a black mutton sleeve blouse that I’d gotten for $10 at H&M. Of course you won’t find a decent corset at the mall and I can attest that there were several ladies who were filling out their corsets very well. A well-made corset is a joy to wear. It’s impossible not to feel both elegant and alluring wearing an item of clothing that accentuates all a woman’s best features and minimizes the more troubling aspects.

See? Both elegant and alluring.


Conversation flew fast and furious in all of the rooms so I can’t even begin to recount them all here. There was much talk of which upcoming conventions to attend; everyone seems to be really looking forward to the upcoming Steampunk Empire Symposium here in Cincinnati. Our group’s resident mixologist, Calamity Dawn, announced that she would be holding a cocktail-naming contest for the creation she will be concocting in honor of the event. She also brought a sample of a custom drink she’s been working on for one of our core members, Caelyn’s Kiss. Having come close to perfecting several new drinks (including Wesley’s Revenge, Kraken’s Delight, and a very special one that we will be unveiling here very soon) Calamity set her sights on new sources of inspiration. In addition to announcing a naming contest for the new drink to be premiered at the Steampunk Empire Symposium the group persuaded her to make a drink for our leader, Aloysius Fox. Initially the suggested name was “Delicious Aloysius” but that was before deciding that it should be a riff on “Sex on the Beach” called instead “Sex in a Frock Coat.”

The main attraction that night was an art unveiling. Cincinnati artist Allen Mann is a regular attendee at our salons and that night he presented a drawing he’d been working on for the past eight months. It was an immensely detailed fantastical cityscape entitled “The Cincinnati that Never Was or The Queen City that Could Be.” Time machines, cyber-men, Nikola Tesla, Tom Waits and many others shared the streets with several league members. The level of detail and care that went into the drawing was inspiring. Even though I spent several minutes looking at it and went back many times over the course of the night, I still spotted new things each time I looked.
Usually Sunday night is a night off from the rock and roll lifestyle but that was not to be the case this weekend. The band that I go-go with, Doctor Bombay and the Atomic Bachelor Pad, was playing the Benefit for Erica. Erica is a young woman who had to have emergency brain surgery to save her life while she was in the midst of starting her own dog grooming business and was thus uninsured.  I was really happy to help out in raising some money to help pay for her medical bills, even as I was furious at the need for such events in one of the wealthiest nations on earth. Medical bummers and political ravings aside, it was a very fun night. Aloysius Fox was the MC for the event so I had someone to keep me company while waiting for things to get started. The opening band was a new group called Braille Diary. They were performing together for the first time, which could have been scary, but they were actually really good. They sounded a lot like Hawthorn Heights.  It was a subdued night, I know the turn out wasn’t as much as the organizers would have liked but everyone seemed like they were having a great time and there were a healthy amount of bids on the silent auction.
It was a jam-packed weekend and I was not feeling very happy when my alarm went off for work the next morning. But the way I look at it I’m going to be tired on Monday mornings either way. I’d rather it be for a good reason that I can look back on and be proud of than because I stayed up too late watching Dancing with the Stars.

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  1. Allen Mann says:

    Am continually appreciative of the attention and respective praise from all the aesthetic attendees who took the time to rally round and return to gaze upon my compiled illustration, with especial grateful acknowledgement to this extended cast.

    With much thanks,

    Allen Mann