Derby City Comic Con Road Show

Derby City Comic Con Road Show

Before the Charlie Tonic Hour began there were a couple episodes of Charlie’s previous podcast, the Related Recap (which ran for 300 episodes over at, which featured show hosts Charlie and Ginny Tonic.  They were both “Road Show Podcasts”.  These are shows done live on the drive home from an event.  They are typically done in a single take, live without edits.

Here on the site, we’re sharing links to that audio so you can hear the shows before the show!

In this episode, it’s the Derby City Comic Con Road Show podcast.   Derby City Comic Con took place in 2011 at the Kentucky International Convention Center in Louisville, KY.

Download the Episode

Check Out The Episode Show Notes at Comic Related


2016 update…

The Related Recap podcast faded from, but look for the audio to return here at soon. Catch all the details here.

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