Bizarre New World (Related Recap #5)

Bizarre New World (Related Recap #5)

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The Related Recap podcast returns
with Episode #5


From the palatial Comic Related studios,
The Related Recap!

Episode #005 – Run time: 1 hour, 20 min, 15 sec
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Episode #5 Show Notes
Bizarre New World

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Just a short one week later, we’re back with episode #5 of Comic Related’s ( Related Recap. In this episode, we sit down for an extended interview with Skipper Martin, the creator of Ape Entertainment’s Bizarre New World series. Also joining us for the podcast is Bizarre New World letterer Ellen Everett.

It’s a complete look at the creator, his projects and what the future holds for the critically acclaimed flying man at the center of this great story.

Links related to topics discussed during the show:

Main Show Segment:

Skipper Martin –
Ellen Everett – and
Ape Entertainment –

Other podcasts referenced during the show:

Skipper’s first Fanboy Faceoff –
Skipper’s recent Fanboy Faceoff –
Skipper and Tone Rodriguez –

Closing Out:

The Yellowbelts –
The Go! Team –

The Covers:


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