Gem City, Amazon and the ISR (Related Recap #2)

Gem City, Amazon and the ISR (Related Recap #2)

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Our new Related Recap podcast returns with Episode #2
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From the palatial Comic Related studios,
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Episode #002 – Run time: 39 min, 14 sec
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Episode #2 Show Notes
Gem City, Amazon and the ISR

podcasting 2

Just a short 14 days later, we’re back with episode #2 of Comic Related’s Related Recap. In this episode, we talk about the Lexington Comic Show, Comics2Games DIY Toy Show, Amazon’s new rules regarding print-on-demand services, Indie Spinner Rack and Gem City Comic Con. That last segment is filled with short clips from creators allowing them to tell the story of their series.


Links referenced during the show:

Segment One:

Lexington Comic Show –
Robert Kirkman –
Mark Kidwell –
Kenn Minter –
The Experts –
I’m Not From Here –
Approbation Comics –
RD Hall –
David Flora –
Rainbow Bridge Productions –
Lexington KY Comic Creators Group –
Comics2Games –
Blue Line Pro –
DIY Toy Show –
Sketch Card Event for Cancer –
Free Comic Book Day –

Segment Two:

Indie Spinner Rack –

Segment Three:

Amazon –
Writers Weekly –
Booksurge –
Amazon Advantage Info –

Segment Four:

Gem City Comic Con –
Max Ink –
Molly Durst –
Ferret Press –
Dara Naraghi –
Tom Williams – &
Sean McGurr –
Marv Wolfman –
Pam Bliss –
Tony Miello –
Brett R. Pinson –
Ape Entertainment –
Chad Lambert –
Ian Shires –
Dan Davis –
Jack Knifley –
Matt Feazell – &
Mike Maydak –

Closing Out:

The Yellowbelts –

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