Let The Games Begin (Related Recap #1)

Let The Games Begin (Related Recap #1)

This podcast was originally released at ComicRelated.com on 3/28/08.
The show notes and audio have been reconstructed here
much as they were originally presented for your listening pleasure!



We’re pleased to unveil the new Related Recap podcast
Every 14 days, we’ll be rolling out a new episode!!


Drum roll please.… Today Comic Related official threw its hat in the podcasting ring as we unveil the FIRST episode in our new ongoing audio series. We plan to roll out a new episode ever other Friday. Related Recap focuses on comics, comic culture, interviews and much, much more. We lay our all the details in this initial broadcast so why read when you can listen?

From the palatial Comic Related studios,
The Related Recap!

Episode #001 – Run time: 33 min, 58 sec
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Episode #1 Show Notes
Let the Games Begin

podcasting 2

We’re pleased to welcome you to the very first episode of Comic Related’s Related Recap.  In this episode, we introduce the new show, talk a little about our web site, chart the course for where this podcast is headed and look back on the recent Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo (S.P.A.C.E.) in Columbus, Ohio.  That last segment is filled with short clips from creators allowing them to tell the story of their series.


Links referenced during the show:

The Yellowbelts (Show Music) – theyellowbelts.com
Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo – backporchcomics.com
Hamtramck Idea Men (George McVey & Michael Marcus) – idea-men.us
Lackluster World (Eric Adams) – lacklusterworld.com
Jesus Hates Zombies (Stephen Lindsay) – alternacomics.com/jhz.htm
Gappo the Clown & Mr Happy Pants (Tony Miello) – gapotheclown.com
Wizzywig Vol 1: Phreak (Ed Piskor) – edpiskor.com
The Claws Come Out (Pat Lewis) – lunchbreakcomics.com
Spindletons (John Johnson) – spindletons.com
Alterna Comics (Peter Simeti) – alternacomics.com
Birth & Novo (Michael Bracco) – thebirthofnovo.com
Awakening Comics (Steve Peters) – awakeningcomics.com
Zone Trooper (Bill Gladman & Joe Shover) – zonetrooper.com
Deadbeat (James Massie) – massieisadeadbeat.blogspot.com
Airship 27 (Ron Fortier) – airship27.com
Blog THIS! Pal & TV Party (Gordon Dymowski) – blogthispal.blogspot.com & comicrelated.com/tvparty.html
Conscientious Sequentials (Russell Burlingame) – comicrelated.com/cs.html
Cinemacomics (Jay Carvajal) – cinemacomics.com

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